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Version: 9.x.x

Supported Environments

Node.js Support

SerialPort officially supports all Active, Maintenance and Current LTS releases of Node.js. For information on what versions this currently covers see the Node.js Release Schedule.

Electron Support

SerialPort officially supports the last 3 versions of Electron per it's 8 week release cadence. We usually lag a few weeks behind releases while build tools are updated.

Supported Platforms and Architectures

The platforms, architectures that serialport supports are the following;

Platform / ArchSupported
Linux / ia32¹
Linux / x64
Linux / ARM v6⁴
Linux / ARM v7⁴
Linux / ARM v8⁴
Linux / MIPSel⁴
Linux / PPC64⁴
OSX / x64³
Windows² / x86
Windows² / x64
  • ¹ NodeJS has dropped prebuilt binaries for NodeJS 10 and above for 32bit linux. As a result it's too difficult to maintain support. However if you build nodejs and serialport yourself it will probably work.
  • ² Windows 7, 8, 10, and 10 IoT are supported, but our CI tests only Microsoft Windows Server 2019.
  • ³ OSX 10.4 Tiger and above are supported, but our CI tests only Mac OS X 10.15.7 with Xcode 12.4
  • ⁴ ARM, MIPSel and PPC64¹ platforms are not currently part of our testing or build matrix, but will probably work. Since node 12 MIPSel⁴ and ARM v6⁴ support has been dropped by the official nodejs builds.
  • M1 builds are not yet supported but will be as soon as Github Actions provides them.

Last known versions for unsupported versions of Node.js

  • For Node.js versions 0.10 and 0.12, the last functioning release was serialport@4.
  • For Node.js version 4.0, the last functioning release was serialport@6.
  • For Node.js version 8.0, the last functioning release was serialport@8.
  • For Node.js version 10.0, the last functioning release was serialport@9.