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Version: 9.x.x

Slip Encoder Parser

new SlipEncoder(options)

A transform stream that emits SLIP-encoded data for each incoming packet. Unlike most parsers this one is useful for processing input to the serialport instead of output.

Runs in O(n) time, adding a 0xC0 character at the end of each received packet and escaping characters, according to RFC 1055. Runs in O(n) time.


  • options.bluetoothQuirk: boolean Adds another 0xC0 character at the beginning if the bluetoothQuirk option is truthy (as per the Bluetooth Core Specification 4.0, Volume 4, Part D, Chapter 3 "SLIP Layer")
// Read lines from a text file, then SLIP-encode each and send them to a serial port
const SerialPort = require('serialport')
const SlipEncoder = require('@serialport/parser-slip-encoder')
const Readline = require('parser-readline')
const fileReader = require('fs').createReadStream('/tmp/some-file.txt')

const port = new SerialPort('/dev/tty-usbserial1')
const lineParser = fileReader.pipe(new Readline({ delimiter: '\r\n' }))
const encoder = fileReader.pipe(new SlipEncoder({ bluetoothQuirk: false }))