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Version: 9.x.x

About SerialPort

Quick Answers to Important Questions

Helpful Resources for Getting Started with Node-Serialport

In addition to reading the article mentioned above, these others might help you:



Chances are you're looking for the serialport package which provides a good set of defaults for most projects. However it is quite easy to mix and match the parts of serialport you need.


The serialport package which provides a good set of defaults for most projects with the node stream api.


The Bindings provide a low level interface to work with your serialport. It is possible to use them alone but it's usually easier to use them with an interface.


Interfaces take a binding object and provide a different API on top of it. Currently we only ship a Node Stream Interface.


Parsers are used to take raw binary data and transform them into usable messages. This may include tasks such as converting the data to text, emitting useful chunks of data when they have been fully received, or even validating protocols.

Parsers are traditionally Transform streams, but Duplex streams and other non stream interfaces are acceptable.

Command Line Tools

The Command Line Tools provide helpful utilities for working with serial ports.


SerialPort is MIT licensed and all it's dependencies are MIT licensed.