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Version: 9.x.x


The Binding is how Node-SerialPort talks to the underlying system. By default, we auto-detect Windows, Linux and OS X, and load the appropriate module for your system. You can assign SerialPort.Binding to any binding you like. Find more bindings by searching "serialport-binding" at npm.

You can prevent auto-loading of the default bindings by requiring the SerialPort Stream package.

var SerialPort = require('@serialport/stream');
SerialPort.Binding = MyBindingClass;

You never have to use Binding objects directly. @serialPort/stream uses them to access the underlying hardware. This documentation is geared towards people who are making bindings for different platforms. The AbstractBinding class from the @serialport/binding-abstract package can be inherited to get the base API.

There is also a MockBinding package to assist with testing.

To see the binding api take a look at @serialport/binding-abstract.