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Version: 12.x.x

📦 repl

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$ npx @serialport/repl <port>
# or
$ npm install -g @serialport/repl
$ serialport-repl <port>

The package @serialport/repl will install the serialport-repl cli tool which provides a nodejs repl for working with serialport. This is valuable when debugging.

You can make use of the serialport-repl command with;

$ serialport-repl # to auto detect an arduino
$ serialport-repl /dev/tty.usbmodem1421 9600 # to connect to a specific port and baud rate
$ DEBUG=serialport* serialport-repl # to enable

It will load a serialport object with debugging turned on.

$ DEBUG=serialport* serialport-repl
DEBUG=serialport* # enable debugging with DEBUG=serialport*
port = SerialPort({ path: "/dev/tty.usbmodem2101", baudRate: 9600, autoOpen: false })
globals { SerialPort, SerialPortMock, path, port }
> SerialPort.list()
serialport/bindings-cpp loading DarwinBinding +0ms
serialport/bindings-cpp list +0ms
path: '/dev/tty.usbmodem2101',
manufacturer: 'Arduino LLC',
serialNumber: undefined,
pnpId: undefined,
locationId: '02100000',
vendorId: '2341',
productId: '8036'
serialport/stream opening path: /dev/tty.usbmodem2101 +0ms
serialport/bindings-cpp open +53s
serialport/bindings-cpp/poller Creating poller +0ms
serialport/stream opened path: /dev/tty.usbmodem2101 +27ms
> port.write('Calling all Autobots!')
serialport/stream _write 21 bytes of data +20s
serialport/bindings-cpp write 21 bytes +20s
serialport/bindings-cpp/unixWrite Starting write 21 bytes offset 0 bytesToWrite 21 +0ms
serialport/bindings-cpp/unixWrite write returned: wrote 21 bytes +0ms
serialport/bindings-cpp/unixWrite Finished writing 21 bytes +0ms
serialport/stream binding.write write finished +2ms
serialport/stream _read reading { start: 0, toRead: 65536 } +46s
serialport/bindings-cpp read +46s
serialport/bindings-cpp/unixRead Starting read +0ms