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Version: 12.x.x

📦 bindings-interface

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Typescript interface for all bindings. At it's core a binding has two functions and a class. The types have been simplified for explanation. The actual types leverage generics to allow for different options for different platforms.

interface BindingInterface {
Retrieves a list of available serial ports with metadata.
list(): Promise<PortInfo>
* Opens a connection to the serial port referenced by the path.
open(options: OpenOptions): Promise<BindingPortInterface>

These functions are required. list() must resolve an array of ports and open() must return an open port object.

The BindingPortInterface is an open port. You can read and write to it, update a few settings and close it. Once it's closed it can't be opened again. (You can however open a new one.)

For the full types take a look at the package's github repository.