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📦 parser-ready

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import { ReadyParser } from '@serialport/parser-ready'
const { ReadyParser } = require('@serialport/parser-ready')

A transform stream that waits for a sequence of "ready" bytes before emitting a ready event and emitting data events

To use the Ready parser provide a byte start sequence. After the bytes have been received, a ready event is fired and data events are passed through.

Constructor Argument

interface ReadyParserOptions extends TransformOptions {
/** delimiter to use to detect the input is ready */
delimiter: string | Buffer | number[]


const { SerialPort } = require('serialport')
const { ReadyParser } = require('@serialport/parser-ready')
const port = new SerialPort({ path: '/dev/ROBOT', baudRate: 14400 })

const parser = port.pipe(new ReadyParser({ delimiter: 'READY' }))
parser.on('ready', () => console.log('the ready byte sequence has been received'))
parser.on('data', console.log) // all data after READY is received