Version: 8.x.x

Supported Environments

Node.js Support#

SerialPort officially supports all Active, Maintenance and Current LTS releases of Node.js. For information on what versions this currently covers see the Node.js Release Schedule.

Supported Platforms and Architectures#

The platforms, architectures that serialport supports are the following;

Platform / ArchSupported
Linux / ia32¹
Linux / x64
Linux / ARM v6⁴
Linux / ARM v7⁴
Linux / ARM v8⁴
Linux / MIPSel⁴
Linux / PPC64⁴
OSX / x64³
Windows² / x86
Windows² / x64
  • ¹ NodeJS has dropped prebuilt binaries for NodeJS 10 and above for 32bit linux. As a result it's too difficult to maintain support. However if you build nodejs and serialport yourself it will probably work.
  • ² Windows 7, 8, 10, and 10 IoT are supported, but our CI tests only Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • ³ OSX 10.4 Tiger and above are supported, but our CI tests only 10.9.5 Mavericks with Xcode 6.1.
  • ⁴ ARM, MIPSel and PPC64¹ platforms are not currently part of our testing or build matrix, but will probably work. Since node 12 MIPSel⁴ and ARM v6⁴ support has been dropped by the official nodejs builds.

Last known versions for unsupported versions of Node.js#

  • For Node.js versions 0.10 and 0.12, the last functioning release was serialport@4.
  • For Node.js version 4.0, the last functioning release was serialport@6.
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